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Easter: Survival of the fittest!

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  • Easter: Survival of the fittest!

    Just came accross this little article, nothing brings out the competative spirit better than installing the word "Hunt" into a family sport!

    Easthampton Easter Egg hunt to be overseen by larger group of volunteers this year in wake of last year's problems |

    Heh, I like to believe there is a great many affected with a small, and deep-seated disappointment every time they pick up carton of eggs at the grocery store. Where in the silence of one's own mind, there is a drive that rises up and proclaimes, "NO! I do not want this to be this easy! I must go forth in search of and FIGHT for my food, like my ancestors did!"
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    Re: Easter: Survival of the fittest!

    Phoebe, hurry up, we have a plane to catch.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Easter: Survival of the fittest!

      I did not notice it before, but here is the link to said Egg Hunt from last year that the current article refers to:
      Easter Bunny arrives by ambulance and toddlers get knocked over during Easthampton egg hunt |