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    Re: Capitalism

    I agree about the overspending and debt of the government. While I do understand and promote a certain level of government spending as absolutely essential to the health of the nation, I am seriously concerned about the lack of oversight and wastefulness. The problem, at least in part from my perspective, is that state and local governments waste so much and simply go after things "because the money is there"!

    On the Federal management level, the waste is catastropic in many, many areas. Some of that seems obvious in when we read about certain studies and seeming dumb research ventures. But again, it's really hard determine if the study of some sub-species, does in fact have connections to greater things. While looking absurdly silly and wasteful, I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if they have some impact on our environment, cancer cures, or whatever. But I do think a scientific oversight of some kind should be there to clear these kinds of things.

    But on local and state levels, I've seen some things in my short lifetime which were remarkably stupid and wasteful and I've mentioned a few of those in past topics relating to this.

    However, the government should not and cannot simply back out of everything, or back out of many of the things that many on the "Conservative Right" feel they should. That really is as much of a detriment (and perhaps more so) than it would be for the government to extend full support for everything as the extreme Liberal Left might want to do.

    From my point of view, government involvement and money (if wisely spent), is a tool for growth. When we cut back as much as is proposed, it adds considerably to unemployment and then further waste and even expense. The difference is that with Government spending (wisely) you create jobs, which places money into people's hands and that creates more jobs... so on, and so on. Each job then contributes money through taxes back to the government. Properly managed, that's a very good cycle and one which grows the economy. But just dishing out money, doesn't have very much return and we've certainly seen that. For instance, it does very little good to give everybody $15K toward a new car... if all those people buy are cars from other countries!

    But, if we look at government money in the same way we looked at business and borrowing, we could see some positives...IF it were done with a wise business plan. For example, many of you are in business for yourselves and perhaps even have employees. Your business can only grow so far based on your skills and of course the possibilities of customers in your area. So for a guy in a major population area, you could have great potential, if you had the right equipment, better equipment, more employees, etc. Most likely your profit to date may not allow you to take the plunge for that... so you borrow and from that influx of cash, you expand and/or upgrade, do more work, make more profit and payback the loan. In that case you go into debt to GROW your business. A GOOD THING. But of course, we've seen people who go the same route and simply squander the debt and go nowhere. It's the wisdom and the ambition that makes the loan good. Without it, it's just debt.



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      Re: Capitalism

      CWS, when we start discussing how to stimulate the economy it opens a whole new can of worms. I think you're a pretty smart guy but imagine if the government gave more than 15k to perspective car buyers? Let's say they allow 30k, restrictions are that the vehicle must be high mpg, and it would be based on your income. I think it could have a positive impact on our economy even if the cars were all imports. People who were looking for jobs but could not afford the high cost of gas for their gas guzzlers could now do so. Folks on the brink of financial failure due to pay cuts, inflation and the high cost of commuting, might get a little breathing room. People who had decided it was too costly to go on vacation because of the price of gas, might do so and fuel that industry.

      We bat these ideas back and forth, but there must be brilliant folks who could figure out a successful strategy? A plan that would include carefully thoughtout spending cuts, tax restructuring, and job growth. There is just so much out of wack, and such a disconnect with our legislators that I don't see any much needed, far reaching, effective plan to address all these problems. Maybe we could all agree that our country needs spending reform, tax reform, more jobs and much more, but where is the leadership to make it all happen?