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    Re: Fresh from the Oven

    Originally posted by Pipestone Kid View Post
    I didn't realize I had so much in common with you guys--you cook, I eat!!
    thats usually why we cook
    for me its the pleasure of seeing the pleasant look of surprise when someone tastes good cooking
    shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

    coffee hell gimme booze!!!


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      Re: Fresh from the Oven

      Originally posted by gnuuser View Post
      anything good requires time to make and is always worth the wait.
      a good ratatouille bake takes a lot to prepare but is delicious and worth the effort
      the recipe in the following link is excellent and is better when served on top of cheese ravioli and sprinkled with shredded cheddar and mozzarella

      Cookbook:Ratatouille - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

      this is a delightful dish that would appeal to vegans and meat lovers
      Thanks for the link. All good and healthy ingredients.


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        Re: Fresh from the Oven

        Kitchen Protip:
        Any meal where lettuce is required, Replace worthless iceburg lettuce with Tendergreens (aka Mustard Spinich) One serving has 275% of Vitamim A for daily requirements alone, is a dense vegetable that will not leave you hungry an hour later, and can be incorprated into any summertime foods.

        What I like to do is cook up 90% lean ground beef, and shred mustard spinich to make healthy tacos. (Minus the sour cream as well)
        Simply mix the shredded spinach with diced bell peppers, seasoned shredded cheese, then rub habaneros through a cheese grater into the mix for that little extra kick.
        Never had one complaint yet!