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Victimless Crime?

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  • Victimless Crime?

    On the morning of the bombing in Boston, I took my elderly mother to our cemetary office so she could discuss interring my father and her ashes when the time comes. The ladies in the office were very helpful, and before leaving the cemetary I decided to swing by my infant daughter's grave. She died twenty years ago and is buried in an area with other infants, her grave marked with a brass plate, or plaque. Upon drving up on the site I was met with bare cement anchor stones! Like far too many cemetaries, our's had been the victim of a soulless thief. I have not gotten a response from the detective working on the case, but the theif was caught and the markers are being held as evidence. I guess this is a victimless crime, but nonetheless it is upsetting.

    There I was upset with this relatively small event in my life and a few minutes later folks would be losing their lives and suffering crippling injuries. My little world will be put back into order soon enough, but the same cannot be said for the victims in Boston. My sympathy and prayers go out to them and their families. God Bless and keep safe the first responders, and the medical community that picks up the pieces. Frank

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    Re: Victimless Crime?

    Since the marker is purchased by the family I wouldn't call the crime victimless.

    Property that belonged to you with both monetary and emotional/sentimental value was stolen/abused.


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      Re: Victimless Crime?

      Just remember, we live in a world where, when the great pyraminds were rediscovered, they were already picked clean by grave robbers.
      In the Good Book, it is mentioned to love not the things of the Earth, which is why I opted to have my organs donated, and the rest cremated, should I meet a most unfortunate death.
      This way whatever is still useful to those in this world remains in good hands, and thus nothing else will be left to enable misdeeds of the wicked minded.
      All I can do is ensure that my acts do not hold promise of profit for those who willing to stoop t such a level.
      Remember, if crime didn't pay, then people would not be criminals.


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        Re: Victimless Crime?


        My sympathies to you and your family!

        This was NOT a victimless crime by any definition. In my, perhaps narrow, opinion it was a crime against not only all of your family, but to the cemetary, and to all who hold such places as honored ground. And for what, the mere material cost of a bronse plaque!?

        Such abuse, mindlessness, disrespect, and perhaps greed should not go unpunished and in my thinking should be harsh. I could never understand or tolerate anyone who desecrates a grave site. In my own community, we've had so-called "kids" who have tipped over and busted headstones and otherwise damaged cemetaries. I honestly don't know how anyone, of any age, could do such things and there is simply no defense that can be offered. What kind of upbringing spawns such lack of respect?

        I am very sorry to read that you and your family have had to suffer this infringement,



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          Re: Victimless Crime?

          Frank ,so sorry You all lost Your Lil Lovey . When Beth N I graduate, My Son will cast our ashes in the stream that runs through our Sierra Property. I Kid with Brian Not to fish in the stream for a few days !
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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            Re: Victimless Crime?

            Thanks for all the thoughtful comments. This event has caused more focus to a very sad time in our lives, but we have so much to be thankful for and look forward to that it won't get us down. I am much more upset and disturbed with the bombing in Boston. My wife and I were dealing with a child we knew was sick and would not live, so we had some time to prepare. The families of victims in Boston were taken by surprise, total shock and loss, I can't imagine their pain.


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              Re: Victimless Crime?

              I hear what you are saying, but nobody is keeping score. We all have to work through our own grieving process. If acknowledging others have it worse (used very loosely) helps us move forward then great.