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Is it time to dump Sprint?

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  • Is it time to dump Sprint?

    How many are still with Sprint and how many of you have moved to another carrier in the past year or so?

    I have their everything data plan and its unlimited phone, text, data and pay a $10 fee for having a smartphone which I believe is supposed to be going to build out the 4G network but after years it is nowhere near me adn coverage in the two counties /I frequent most has not been improved with additional cell towers so I am thinking of giving them the boot.

    The topper was today I went online and priced a new Samsung Galaxy S4 as an upgrade to my current phone. I can get a big $13 for my old phone, no change in my monthly rate and keep the same plan, but pay a $36 activation fee for being a loyal customer. However, if I was coming over from another carrier I could pay less for the phone, no activation fee adn get the same rate plan.

    I can do the same moving over to ATT or Verizon I suspect and I may just do that. But first I will see how long before Costco has the S4 available for Sprint. Currently it is only available for the other big three (ATT, Verison, and T-mobile).

    I was in a sprint store today and looked the S4 over pretty good and I like what I see. Truth is I would hang on to my current phone if the speaker wasn't blown and everything sounds like cr@p , but happened when I dropped it getting out of the truck one time. No damage to phone other than the rear speaker, the earpiece still works fine and if I don't use the speakerphone and hold it to my ear it is fine. I may choose to suffer with it for another few months and let the price drop on the S4 a bit adn a few more accessoried to show up in production. There is supposed to be a docking station for the S4 that has 3 USB ports so you can connect a keyboard and mouse and still have one port open for a USB memory stick or other device. There is also a video out that you can drive a monitor with and you can have two apps running in their own wondows so to speak side by side.

    I was considering the HTC One but it does not have a microUSB slot so you are limited ot the onboard storage and side by side with the Galaxy S4 I liked the S4 better.
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    Re: Is it time to dump Sprint?

    I have been a Verizon customer for near 15 years ever since Sprint decided I wasn't worthy of their business (too young, no past cell phone history). I have the GZone Commando and have been pleased with it.

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      Re: Is it time to dump Sprint?

      I dropped them several months back after 9 months of broken promises and lies.

      Swapped to tmobile as it also has wifi calling when I don't have cell service.

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        Re: Is it time to dump Sprint?

        If you are a long time customer, don't be afraid to remind them of this. If they don't cut it down by at least %20 tell them you are going to shop else where. They know you are a long time customer and in the world of cell phones, you are a valued and rare commodity. As you mentioned they have huge discounts and savings to entice new customers and you miss out on these savings because you are already a customer.

        We don't have as many options in Canada but recently there has been a growing number of options as the market is opening up.

        I have been with Rogers for almost 20 years, my first cell phone contract which came with a few features like call display etc never changed so up until I just upgraded to a BB Z10 I was paying $35 (taxes, all fees in) a month when the average was closer to $55 for similar features. They wanted $70 a month on a new data plan. I told them they were crazy and the only way I would consider upgrading would be if the price was below $50. No problems, they also added a bunch of features, my outgoing calls are free as early as 6pm, all incoming is free of course. Anyway I got the new phone and data package plus a lot more features and I now pay $45 a month. lol they also knocked another $10 off my internet service which I get with them as well.

        On a side note, I called Bell Canada two weeks ago, told them I was canceling my business line and moving all contact to my cell. I went from $90 a month to $50.

        I always found it never hurts to ask. Be polite, and give them an idea of what you want to pay and see what they can do to meet your range. Another thing to consider is locking in again if they give you a good enough rate. Tell them you would lock in for the right rate, and as a long time customer a 1,2 or 3 year contract doesn't bother me.


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          Re: Is it time to dump Sprint?

          Finally gave them up a few months ago. Too many holes in their coverage and they are not competitive. I don't see them lasting in their present form.
          With the continuing exodus, soon their only asset will be their bandwidth.


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            Re: Is it time to dump Sprint?

            I had a disgusting experience with them. They was worse than a aggressive car salesman.

            Had a phone connect that is basically a router off my existing phone land line.

            When it was set up in 'free' it would never work consistently.

            When it was set up in the 'paid' it would work flawlessly.

            A $758.00 accrued which I fought, got it all reduced to nothing and did not pay for early contract termination fee.

            These people argued diligently, even though they knew firsthand their product didn't work, and expected me to cower down.

            It took 15 hours on the phone over numerous times to get that resolved, ended. Never will they ever see one penny of my earnings, or anyone else I know of switching to them.

            Horrible experience, a friend of mine owns all the sprint stores in this area. Honestly it was a sweep under the rug for him, like it never happened. Never trust.
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              Re: Is it time to dump Sprint?

              SPRINT TO INFINITY AND BEYOND ! With Me ,It's the service I receive from Sprint Nextel 4 Th St. San Rafael Ca.
              All the folks there , John and Paula Daley are AWESOME ! It's like We're all family.
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                Re: Is it time to dump Sprint?

                Bob, have you checked out US Cellular? I have good coverage and service. I would think they'd be in NJ. Good Luck!