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Latch & Unlatch Patio Screen Door from both sides

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    Re: Latch & Unlatch Patio Screen Door from both sides

    This one looks like it operates from both sides:

    12018 Non-Handed Latch, Pull & Strike for Sliding Screen Door - Black All About Doors and Windows, Parts and Hardware

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Originally posted by hammerlane View Post
      Re: Latch & Unlatch Patio Screen Door from both sides

      Yes they can just enough to squeeze their bodies out. Our animals are 4-wheel drive(meaning they are not de-clawed).

      I think the magnet idea, maybe 3 of them, one at top, bottom and middle may supply enough resistance to animals opening force.
      I googled "diy double sided sliding screen door lock". '' was at the top and, regrettably, I clicked on it because now I'm totally sidetracked from what I was working on which was re-screening my sliding door and making a screen guard to attach to it and to complete this project I'll need to make my sliding screen door lock on both sides. This thread is from 3 years ago so you might not even see this which means I'm probably wasting (more of) my time (as usual) and I don't even know what this site is for, like is it a diy based or? I don't know, but what I DO know is that when you started this thread to (try to) solve your problem, you were already frustrated, possibly agitated. I'm beyond freakin' agitated NOW! You explained what you wanted to do and asked for members to respond IF they had any suggestions OR ideas OR solutions which, if they did, would've been EXTREMELY HELPFUL and GREATLY APPRECIATED, not just by you, by OTHER PEOPLE who end up here by googling "diy double sided sliding screen door lock". The responses you got from quote/unquote "SENIOR MEMBERS" irked me so bad I created an account on this forum to be able to post this. 1st
      Originally posted by killavolt View Post

      Is there a reason for wanting to do this? Pets? Small children? Having a latch release on the outside because you came outside from another door and want to re-enter through the slider? I have been in the trades for over 40 years and never have heard a request like yours. Ever. Take the latch catch off and you won't lock yourself out. WTF is with the interrogation and suspicion?? Unlike my spirit.......

      originally posted by hammerlane
      Dont understand why the reason is important but in the spirit of cooperation yes:
      1. pets will open door if it is not latched/secured so removing latch is not option.
      2. and persons want to be able to enter the house thru the slider without having to walk all the way around to the front.
      and like as if your such an idiot that the reason for this topic is because you lock yourself out

      Screen door needs to remain secured due to escape attempts by animals.
      You're an extremely tolerant person because then

      I have the same door and screen door as you. I have a small 10lb dog and I can't have just the screen door closed because he will destroy the screen as he paws and pushes. I can't imagine any animal sliding an unlocked screen door open before simply breaking the screen itself? What am I missing? Frank
      and THEN

      I have to ask why you need to secure that screen door beyond simply closing it? Your animals can't possibly slide it open can they? The magnet idea sounds reasonable, maybe more than one if necessary? Let us know what you decide.
      Yeah, so did you decide on the magnet idea that you said wasn't gonna work OR the magnet idea that wouldn't work either?
      Frankiarmz why did you just "have to ask" why he "NEEDS" to secure it beyond closing it? And why TELL him that it IS NOT possible for his "ANIMALS" to slide it open but then ASK him, who btw KNOWS BETTER THAN YOU, if his "ANIMALS" CAN slide it open?

      PLEASE LET ME KNOW if YOU DECIDE to answer. I'll figure out the door lock myself, thanks to SENIORS for your AWESOME HELP!!!
      Oh and yeah, "ANIMALS" like my cat CAN and DO open the door, like hammerlane said, by clawing at the corner, making a hole so they don't need to open it.
      old door:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Video 3 0 00 00-13.jpg
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ID:	711322 Click image for larger version

Name:	Video 4 0 00 00-01.jpg
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      what was the new door:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Video 5 0 00 00-01.jpg
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ID:	711324
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        Oh, this is gonna be fun😁 To begin with this site was primarily for tradesmen, diy'rs, and folks who had some interest or association with Ridgid tools. I said " I can't imagine a pet opening a sliding door", not that it was impossible. When you say you cat can open it by tearing the corner of the screen, that is not "opening" the door, it is tearing the screen. I liked the idea of using acrylic to protect the screen, wish I had thought of that when my little dog was alive (he has since passed away). We here don't have all the answers, and we learn more by asking questions. I'm assuming you are a young man, because you are so upset by the questions, and suggestions to this post? I'm an older guy,xand I would suggest you save your upset for important issues. If and when you have children, please don't get upset if they ask questions. Welcome to the Forum, nice folks here, look around, about the only thing not open for discussion is politics. Frank