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New Overtime Bill.

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  • New Overtime Bill.

    For you guys that run your own business.

    In a nutshell, the new proposal is to allow businesses to allow employees the option of trading in overtime for time off (aka "Comp time"). It seems to me that the greatest abuses would be conducted at the small business level. There is just no guarantee that an employer will honor any time off, even though the employee can honor trading in overtime owed. Hell, I have heard stories of master tradesmen on prevailing wage government projects report their apprentices as first year even though they really aren't. In one case, a state inspector busted one such contractor for paying a third year apprentice first year wages. A dirty trick to lower a bid I'm sure, but unlike government employees that benefit from union and legal protections, at the private end things are much riskier.

    Link: House approves bill to change overtime pay law | Political Headlines | Comcast

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    Re: New Overtime Bill.

    Here's my take.... why would anyone work for dishonest douche bags in the first place...


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      Re: New Overtime Bill.

      Maybe most of us here can look into their history and realize that time just hasn't changed much at all. I remember as an apprentice I worked for a mob(not too far from you Tony AFM in Kew). Now the two IC (who was dating the Boss's daughter and subsequently married her was just one of these pieces of trash. He bankrupted the company, I got out just before but still got severely ripped off with money owed mind you. Now he operates a business here AC beep and Associates doing air conditioning. Now he intimidates his staff and scare the absolute hell out of them. The apprentices go to school for a week at a time and are NOT PAID WAGES whilst at school. He has a bonus scheme for the employees which is basically work or don't get paid and if you don't reach milestones as he thinks you should you are penalized. He travels in "A-Lister circles(that's short for the PLASTIC PEOPLE THAT THINK THAT THEIR **** DONT STINK) and just seems to survive. He is one piece of trash I would really love to see taken down and kicked out of our industry. He spoils the confidence of the up-coming apprentices and they grow to be A-holes like this big one.

      So I bet there are many more examples that should be outed and disgraced accordingly. Unfortunately we have to be careful about how we do this but getting this trash out of our industry would be an achievement beyond recognition.


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        Re: New Overtime Bill.

        i think this is a bad idea. its just bound to cause problems. its worded as if you, the employee, get a choice. but what will an employer do if you decide to take the OT pay and not the comp time, get rid of you that's what. they'll find some excuse other than not taking the comp time for sure but in the end its still the same.

        its an attempt to circumvent the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), which has nothing to do with union or non-union employees is case you are not familiar with it.

        Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Overtime -- The Online Wages, Hours and Overtime Pay Resource
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