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  • Ridgid tool model numbers

    I'm confused about tool model numbers.
    Perhaps someone can provide a logical explanation as to how
    Ridgid delineates tool model numbers.

    As an example:

    The 18V Jobmax power handle. Originally it was only available on the Home Depot website.

    The box has the following model number "R862004"
    The tool on it's specific label has the following model number "R8620"
    The Home Depot internet number "203371437"
    The store SKU number "822217"
    The UPC code "648846062006"
    A small sticker on the box "131999 1226"
    Vendor item number "579724"


    Why is Ridgid calling individual tools being sold "consoles"?????
    A corded 4 1/2" grinder console includes a storage bag.
    An 18V 4 1/2" grinder console only has the tool!!!!

    The dashboard registration does not seem to recognize ALL Ridgid tool
    model it a "console" or just the model number on the
    specific tool!

    The dashboard [stupid name] system has issues!
    I'd like to see the following additions:

    1. during the registration process it allows the person to edit the entry. In other words, correct errors.

    2. Allow the user to be able to delete tools/entries no longer owned by the person.

    Right now I'm going through the E-mail tag game trying to correct a tool model number and
    add a serial number not shown.

    The e-mail process seems to OK as I'm getting replies etc. But I suspect the dashboard needs
    24-48 hours to update so I have no clue where we are!

    Cactus Man