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Inverter generators - Which one do you like ?

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  • Inverter generators - Which one do you like ?

    Interested in your opinions on the various makes of inverter generators
    out there today, what features you like or dislike, but especially the noise
    level when running under a load.

    I see Ryobi has one they came out with last year I think, and Honda and
    Generac have had their various models out for a while now. no doubt
    there are others.

    IIRC there was an ad in QST for a Honda at a good price that was safe to
    use with electronics like computers, Ham radio equipment, TVs, etc.
    Have any of you purchased a generator from this ad and was it really a
    good deal or a come on?

    I'm thinking of something that would be easy to use for Field Day or when
    camping, and as a small backup at home or when working away from normal
    AC mains and I don't want to drag out the big 10K watt monster.
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    Re: Inverter generators - Which one do you like ?

    The Ryobi actually came out in 2010 in some markets. They had some significant issues at first, but have since stabilized into decent units for the money.
    The Generacs are pretty good for the most part as long as you don't go with the (mostly) useless 800W model.
    Honeywell makes decent inverter generators, but the support network is largely non-existent.
    Honda is the best overall if you can justify the cost - excellent build quality and a huge support network.
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