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  • Fixed By Magic

    When I was a NYTel Lineman I would occassionally be assigned repair work. We had a term for troubles that suddenly went away on their own, "fixed by magic". I think one of the most frustrating things a mechanic, or technician can encounter is an intermittent problem, one that is not constant.
    I was thinking about this last night when one of my favorite single CRC123R LCD flashlights stopped working. New battery, and bypassing the switch did not help. I figured the emitter was broken? Picked it up just now and it works!!! Must have just needed a good days rest.

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    Re: Fixed By Magic

    I know what you mean. When asked what we did to "fix" machinery, we used to call it "FM" or F'n magic. Intermittent problems are certainly the hardest to find. You have to be creative to try and isolate the problem.

    Your led flashlight probably has a corroded terminal or switch. Try experimenting with a jumper wire to see where the circuit is dropping out.


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      Re: Fixed By Magic

      Sorry to hijack this post and get political on you guys but we could do with a little magic downunder getting rid of the RedHead KAMAKAZE. God only knows what she has done to this Nation and all who live here. Mind you come September there will be no magic at all when she gets absolutely hammered at the polls. Come on September................!!!!

      WHat do you think Tony, can I take that to the bank .............????????????