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  • D-Day

    Anyone have family who landed at Normandy on June 6, 1944? I don't, but a retired plumbing contractor friend (he's 90 now) was in the 2nd wave. He never like to talk about it much. My father and uncle were both in the Pacific. Either way, God bless them.

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    Re: D-Day

    My Father in law (He is no longer living.) went in on the 7th to my under standing.
    His entry point was Pointe du Hoc, (at least he talked about having to climb the clifts), During his time in the service he was wounded a few times and was taken out and sent home, when he had his foot split apart by shrapnel in the battle of the bulge, he was a machine gunner, and a commando/ranger to my understanding, and spent a lot of time behind the lines on missions. One thing I was never clear on was after recupering from his wounds if he was reasigned or if he went back to his origional unit.
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