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Phoebe's invited to PHCC trade school

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  • Phoebe's invited to PHCC trade school

    Got an email this morning from the PHCC inviting her to register for plumbing, heating and backflow trade school. It mentioned if she can show 2 years or more experience, she could test for starting out In second year class.

    I know she has over 2 years as she was on her first job at 10 days old helping with a 100 gallon heater.

    She's also got plenty of drain cleaning experiance including jetting.

    I knew we should have kept her name Piper. Could you imagine how intimidating she would be in plumbing school as a 2 year old named Piper. Especially when it's bring your dad to school day

    phoebe it is

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    Re: Phoebe's invited to PHCC trade school

    Hmm...had to look up PHCC - never heard of it - learnt something today.