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  • Strange Coincidence? Maybe

    When I worked as a telephone lineman I cut a lot of rope and always carried a good knife, and shears. I had this one knife I really like, a Rigid RG21 made in Japan. Surgical steel, solid build and a look about it that I thought was perfection. Well I lost it after a couple of weeks and when I got around to ordering another one, they were no longer available. I searched the web from time to time and when I finally saw one it was just too much money. Fast forward to yesterday, I invited two old buddies to lunch at my house. These guys had been good friends but had a falling out five or so years ago. They wanted to bury the hatchet and agreed to the get together. The weathermen predicted a real bad storm so one of them had to cancel. I was happy to see my other buddy and he was disappointed our other friend could not come. He said he had brought him a peace offering and showed me... the Rigid 21 brand new in the box!!! When I spoke to our friend later in the afternoon I told him about the knife and he said keep it. Coincidence? I don't know, what are the chances? So, what about you, any coincidences that seem really strange?
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    Re: Strange Coincidence? Maybe

    Looks very similar to the classic Buck folding hunter (#110 I think).

    My FIL gave me one when I started my apprenticeship.

    he said "A fitter needs a good knife, this one will last you forever if you don't abuse it."

    I still have it. don't carry it every day as I used to, 9/11 has changed that for me, and I
    am not in the field working with the tools any more either so don't really have a need.
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