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    Re: Wife's New Car

    Originally posted by johncameron View Post
    Took them 40 years to get all the bugs out of the wankel.
    But if every company used the wankel the bugs would be worked out much faster. More minds on one topic = better product.

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Re: Wife's New Car

      Originally posted by Cleanmen2 View Post
      Hey Frankiarmz you know how we feel downunder here then. We just recently had an announcement from FORD that they were laying off and stopping production. Problem is not FORD, it is the workeers. Thye have been sooking up where-ever and when-ever there is a camera. If they were diligent enough instead of lazy unionized whinging tossers and actually took some pride in what they do maybe FORD would have survived
      The reason Ford is leaving Australia is a combination of over payed workers and the crap cars they make cars that Australians don`t want anymore over sized tanks and GM is going to go the same way Toyoto is the only car company in Australia making a profit and the reason is they make reliables car people want Americain car companies had the game sewn up but dropped the ball years ago and didn`t care what people wanted they thought they knew best and allowed Asian car companies to take over and have no body is to blame but themselves I just bought a Nissan 4 wheel drive and haven`t looked back its got everything where as if I have bought a Ford or a Holden (a GM car) I would have been paying through the nose