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Battery Charger Issues

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  • Battery Charger Issues

    No, this has nothing to do with Ridgid batteries or chargers. I have been looking to buy a new battery charger for my AA, and AAA NIMH batteries. I have owned a Rayovac charger for several years but it is no longer made, and I need another charger. Today I purchased, and returned one charger made by Duracell, and one I picked up at RadioShack. These units were in my opinon poorly made, and not going to give me years of service. I kept searching the Internet, and came upon one made by Nitecore. This four bay "smart" charger will charge nicads, nimh, and lithium ion at the same time! I ordered one, and if it works as well as the reviews claim it will be worth the research.

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    Re: Battery Charger Issues

    I also have this charger for my 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries.
    It works quite well!

    You may want to visit the candlepower forums site and read the user reviews
    and technical information and limitations. Selfbuilt wrote an excellent review.

    There have been some changes to this charger over time.
    They changed the charging current rate and the "newer" models are better and safer.

    Nitecore/Sysmax and Jetbeam have separated Jetbeam has introduced their own version of the intellicharger.
    You can identify it since it's white! Also Jetbeam misspelled "intellicharger" as "interllicarger"

    Never leave any batteries in the charger once they are fully charged! This unit is NOT a trickle charger!

    Typical pricing is around $25.00

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Battery Charger Issues

      Cactus Man, thanks for the reply and information. I learned a lot from the Candlepowerforum. I'm supposed to be getting the second generation charger with car cord. I never leave batteries in a charger, however I read that this one will trickle charge? Not going to be an issue either way. I'm so glad I returned those other chargers. I appreciate your response. Frank