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    Re: Made in America

    Here in Spfld MA,
    Aero-Bond makes carbon fiber which is then shaped into helicopter hulls for Sikorsky.
    Smith and Wesson for small arms.
    Lenox / American Saw for sawzall blades.
    Springfield Wire used to make heating elements but have been scaling back over towards a complete shutdown.
    Tite-Flex makes Sealtite conduit.


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      Re: Made in America

      Not that I live there but York barbells of Pa says made in North America, on their site. Not sure if the iron is imported. I remember buying some iron plates from Lou Ferrigno's Dad who had a small store in Brooklyn. They were painted green in honor of the Hulk and stamped India. this was in the 70's


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        Re: Made in America

        Don't forget.... "Made in North America" could also mean Canada and Mexico!

        Fact is, "Made in the U.S.A." doesn't necessarily mean exactly that. While it could be assembled here or "made" here the components could well be from many other sources. My ex-employer makes a lot of stuff in China and India, and then ships it here, where we fix it or add to it and then label it as "Made in the U.S.A." Also, while a product could very well be made or assembled here, we really don't know where the machine tools, tow motors, cranes, etc. came from. Yes, we may make it or assemble it here... but with foreign tools; AND quite often, even with foreign workers. My "ex" spent years and $Millions building a computer-based engineering "configurator"... but it almost exclusively used workers from India, which it would bring over, crowd a half-dozen into and office made for one, and pay them comparably little, with no benefits at all. You protest or don't live up to expectations, they simply ship your butt back!

        American workers won't put up with that kind of thing for very long, but foreign workers have little to no choice AND American companies take full advantage of that. But still the product says "Made in the U.S.A."! From what I have seen, there is very little regulation regarding that bit of nomenclature on a label.



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          Re: Made in America

          How many foreign owned companies are manufacturing here? The answer may surprise you.

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            Re: Made in America

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              Re: Made in America

              Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
              How many foreign owned companies are manufacturing here? The answer may surprise you.


              The first article cites 5,000 jobs created over recent years.

              While encouraging, That's a 0.003% of our participation rate.


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                Re: Made in America

                Here's something that SHOULD have been 100% made in America but wasn't.

                Old story which has its roots in the 1989 San Francisco earthquake but still pisses me off.
                Saw the article in the Journal this month and it made me remember this whole ugly episode.



                I hope Arnold is proud of his decision to send this work overseas, and to communist China to boot.
                And if I get the chance to meet him again I will be happy to tell him I don't like what he did.

                To me this is not a Union/Non-union issue, we need to keep this work here in the USA
                whenever possible, and in this case it WAS possible, and it looks like financially viable, since
                the cost for the Chinese portion of the work is not complete and at $1.75 billion is barely
                under the joint-venture bid from of US contractors of $1.8B. If china were able to complete
                their contract for 1.75B then we gave away all those jobs for $500K ($0.05Billion).

                What was lost on top of the direct jobs is all the spin off jobs and commerce. All those famliesfamilies
                uld have kept up on mortgages or bought a new car or taken a vacation, paid for college tuition,
                the list goes on and on as to how that money would have trickled down and out across the economy.

                And did I hear correctly that the new span was dedicated this past Labor Day? Were they celebrating
                sending all that labor overseas or keeping the project cost $500K under the bid of the US contractor.

                I did a little more research and from what I have read the bridge will not open to traffic until some time
                in December 2013 and possibly later, thanks to some critical bolts which do not meet spec. Apparently
                the issue has to do with hydrogen embrittlement because CalTrans did not follow the spec. and used
                the wrong process to galvanize the bolts.

                How many of you know an out of work welder? Well, that was part of the argument for sending the work
                to China, that were not enough qualified welders in this country to do the work. Turns out china didn't have
                them either and they had to learn on the job. That's the quality of worker I want working on my bridge that's
                supposed to survive an earthquake.

                Only the bridge trolls know for sure what will happen with this mess.

                And I hear NY is doing the same on a bridge there.

                Makes sense to me.

                Click image for larger version

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