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A lesson in irony

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  • A lesson in irony

    The food stamp program, administered by the US Department of Agriculture is proud to be
    distributing this year the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever, to 46 million people.

    Meanwhile the National Park Service, administered by the US Department of the Interior, asks us
    "please do not feed the animals".

    Their stated reason for the policy is because.....

    "The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves"!!!!!

    Thus ends today's lesson in irony!

    Cactus Man

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    Re: A lesson in irony

    Cactus Man, I'll add some fuel to the fire. Our human livestock are born into captivity, they are already dependant on the system that provides for all their needs. They are born, breed and die in "the system". We probably differ in that I am equally upset with the entitlements as I am with the lack of living wage jobs to employ those growing numbers. If we want to compare those on assistance to wild animals then we both know you can't release into the wild an animal that does not know how to hunt, or release it in an area where there is no game! Look at the statistics on jobs, part time and low pay! You can't food shop, pay rent, utilities and the rest on part time and low wages. We are a dead society, the jobs that paid well are either gone, or taken. Don't think higher education is the answer because we have plenty of out of work educated folks, they are not lazy, the jobs do not exist. I am angry at the entitlement system and I am angry at the economic reality which resulted from all the outsourcing. I guess since the jobs are not coming back, and inflation keeps rising, I have to accept the growing numbers of human livestock. Saw on my morning news that Pratt/Whitney near me is going to layoff 1000 workers because our military is winding down in the middle east. That's a thousand workers who needed to earn much more than two or three full time McDonald's jobs would pay in order to keep their homes and pay their bills. Maybe the gov't can employ folks to build enclosures, and centralized feeding zones. Don't laugh it may come to that