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  • Tools!

    Why is it a few months after I buy a new tool it goes on sale?

    It also happens beyond the so called window where the store will match the price
    if it changes within say 30 days! So I do not qualify for a price adjustment.

    It's like grocery shopping...Milk is say typically $2.79 to $3.49 a gallon every day
    except on Wednesday when it's $1.79.....what is wrong with the milk on Wednesday?

    Anyone know a tool psychic that can predict the next power tool sale so
    I don't buy a new tool that I want/need before it goes on sale?

    Right now I do not know what the next tool I want/need will be,
    but I sure do not want to buy it before it goes on sale.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Tools!

    Nothing wrong with wednesday's milk, they're just trying to drive sales up on the slowest day of the week for supermarkets.

    If you come in for the milk, it's all the way in the back corner, so have to traverse half the store to get there and maybe you'll pick up one or two other items you can't do without while you're in there.
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