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NO flush zone, flooding Colorado

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  • NO flush zone, flooding Colorado

    this flood crested higher than any recorded in the past, (the flooding caused by the rains in the Boulder area to Estes park area, many getting more than the years normal water fall in less than a week in some case nearly 6 hours, the damage up by the Boulder area is major, and very wide spread,

    the flooding 100 miles down river, is only down by the River, most of the river is about a mile wide now, where it is normally about 50 yards wide, water came up to with in about 20 feet of my sons home, he is 1/2 mile from the river, roads to his place were under water, and they evacuated him out of the area for the first night when it was cresting, most of the bridges are closed,

    But the big story now, in our part of Colorado is one of the largest city in north eastern Colorado is the no flush order, Schools shut down , all restaurants are shut down, the main bridge into the town from the interstate is shut down,

    the water never got past the rail road tracks thus the city it self is not flooded, but many of the business near the river are effected.

    STERLING, Colo. - Authorities in Sterling say some residents are not obeying the NO FLUSH order and as a result, raw sewage is backing up into some homes.

    “It’s not a widespread problem yet,” said Joe McBride of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, “but if it continues, more homes will get flooded.”

    The NO FLUSH order was issued after flood waters inundated the main pumps of the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

    The Logan County Search and Rescue dive team transported public works staff by boat to the flooded pump station Tuesday so they could study the problem.

    City and state crews worked into the night trying to use a portable pump to remove water from the building. "Unfortunately those efforts were unsuccessful as water that was pumped out was replaced just as quickly as more river water flowed in," authorities said.

    “We’ve got all levels of government up to the federal working on it,” McBride said. “So, it’s definitely one of the main priorities to get fixed here.”

    While most homes in Sterling remain untouched by floodwaters, the NO FLUSH order is presenting a challenge to the city’s 14,725 residents.

    “It’s like camping without a tent,” said Steven Staton. “You can’t flush your toilet. You can’t take a shower. Foodwise, you can’t go to any restaurants. They’re all closed. So it’s a challenge.”

    Staton, who lives on one side of the river and works on the other, says it’s also a challenge trying to get across.

    “If they close highway 63 near Atwood, I’ll have to drive clear to Fort Morgan to get to work,” he said. “It’ll have to drive one and a half hours out of my way to cross a five mile expanse.”

    CDOT crews spent a good portion of the day dropping off truckloads of gravel and dirt alongside the highway in an attempt to stem the river’s flow over the pavement.

    The distant flood is also affecting the Sterling Regional Medical Center.

    Dr. Tom Soper, an internist at the hospital, told 7NEWS, “We’ve diverted all of our emergent surgeries and have rescheduled elective surgeries.”

    He said porta-potties have been placed around the hospital’s perimeter for patients and staff.

    “We did have to do an emergency surgery last evening,” Soper said. “All the sterilization will obviously occur off site. We’re following the NO FLUSH policy.”

    The doctor also said they have bags and kitty litter if needed.

    “Our thoughts are with those who have it a lot worse than we do,” he said. “The challenges we face are trying to maintain the facility as best we can and to keep it safe and secure.”

    He said so far, flood waters have not approached the hospital neighborhood.

    Prison inmates help divert sewage

    Ten low-security inmates from the Sterling Correctional Facility are helping city crews in their efforts to control flooding at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

    "They're laying pipe to divert sewage," Department of Corrections spokesman Roger Hudson told 7NEWS.

    As for the prison itself, Hudson says they are on “modified operations.”

    “We are limiting water use,” he said. “We are limiting showers, sending the laundry out and are limiting the use of toilets. We have 160 porta-potties.”

    Hudson also said they are conserving water in the kitchen and are using paper products when possible.

    Hudson told 7NEWS that the Sterling Correctional Facility continues to truck in additional fresh drinking water. That practice began after an elevated level of naturally-occurring uranium was detected in the city's water supply.

    Ron Falco, the Drinking Water Program Manager at the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment told 7NEWS that the standard for uranium is 30 micrograms per liter of water. He said recent tests in late August showed a level of 31 micrograms per liter in Sterling’s water supply.

    Emergency Management officials say the city’s water supply has not been compromised by the flood and that residents can drink the water, but can’t shower in it or release it down the sink drain.

    In an effort to provide alternative facilities to residents barred from using flush toilets, Sterling officials are placing portable toilets at parks throughout the city. Some of the toilets comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    another story on the no flush zone, some pictures of the work
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    Re: NO flush zone, flooding Colorado

    You could start a new business = installing temporary out house.
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      Re: NO flush zone, flooding Colorado

      Thanks for the News of your area. I was wondering how any of the forum members located in Colorado were doing, and I did recall you were there, but not sure where. Glad that you folks are okay and hopefully things will get straightened out as quickly as possible.

      Hoping the best for everyone effected,



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        Re: NO flush zone, flooding Colorado

        Thanks for the thread, and prayers to all in this difficult time. I'm sure it's hard to dispose of crops affected by polluted water, but it is so necessary. I hope life returns to normal as soon as possible, Frank.


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          Re: NO flush zone, flooding Colorado

          BHD and everyone in the area, I wish you a speedy recovery and restoration of services. Nothing will bring back what you have lost, both in life and property, and my prayers go out to you.

          Where's thatthanks button when you need it? Has anyone heard when or if it will be restored.
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            Re: NO flush zone, flooding Colorado

            Bob, it is unfortunate that the "Thanks" button is missing. Not every post was getting thanks, but it was a nice way of extending our thoughts.


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              Re: NO flush zone, flooding Colorado

              Reminds me of the flooding we had here along the Illinois river this last spring. People had their basements flooded and manhole lids were coming off but I never heard a NO flush zone.

              BHD may you have wisdom in how to handle this difficult situation.
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