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  • Sneak Peek of the NEW

    As dedicated RIDGID Forum users we thought you might enjoy a little sneak peek of the new before it goes live!

    In addition to a new clean design, we have made it easier to search and it will dynamically change the content depending on the type of device you are using. But the coolest new feature is ratings / reviews and Q&A. This will help out your fellow RIDGID tool user the next time they want to expand their tool crib or want feedback on a tool. We would appreciate you guys/gals being some of the first to leave a review for your favorite tool!

    So, take a look around and let us know what you think.

    We are still tweaking the site and adding content so you may encounter some issues while browsing so please excuse our “e-dust” as we put on the final touches!
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    Re: Sneak Peak of the NEW

    I respect the effort that went into this redesign, but I would like to make a few comments. Please show "All" the cordless tools including the new grinder and 1/2 inch impact wrench. Show the new 4.0ah battery and chargers. Most important aside from the Internet redesign would be to get all these cordless tools, batteries and chargers into Home Depot. Potential customers and dedicated Ridgid cordless tool owners should be able to pick up, handle and purchase their cordless tool needs right in the store. When there are full displays, and shelves loaded with Ryobi and other brand name products, and a void of Ridgid products, there is a problem that deserves fixing. Thank you. Frank


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      Re: Sneak Peak of the NEW

      Looks good. No real criticism.

      A suggestion though if possible. Can the "frame" of the contents color be changed? The white & grey on the outside of the words, graphics, movement.

      The typical grey and white just are way overdone and don't look as nice in my opinion. Maybe Ridgid Red/Orange?

      That's about it from me. Nice work regardless.


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        Re: Sneak Peak of the NEW

        Only comment I have at this point is that I'm seeing a few titles overlapping onto graphic or other copy, which make them difficult to see and read. I suspect it's just some minor glitch at this point, but should be brought to your attention.

        Took me a few seconds to find the "forum" link, but that's minor. The "review" area sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how that works.

        When it comes to the product pages, I'd love to see more illustrative photos of the features. I've commented on this in the past. You folks have a great product line, and I think you need to show how proud you are of those... show some features, not just a single image. This is especially important considering how poorly the instore information and displays are, and extremely important on the stationary tools which are too often NOT in the stores at all.




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          Re: Sneak Peek of the NEW

          Thanks for being the first to post, Frankiarmz! As mentioned, we are still in the process of updating and adding content to the site and the products you mention are part of that effort. So, stay tuned, it will come with time!


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            Re: Sneak Peak of the NEW

            New grinder is listed under new products.


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              Re: Sneak Peak of the NEW

              Looks great overall.

              I was playing around with different things and tried the forgot password when trying to log in to the My Tools area (BTW its great that a link to My Tools is now more visible than it was), and when entering my email (i realize not functional yet just trying it out) i notice that the font size is minuscule. Now you guys who were born after 1990 probably don't have a problem reading that 6 point font, but an old greaser like me who was around before the Edsel hit the streets does, so maybe you could set the default font size to 10 or 11 to help us old coots out.
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                Re: Sneak Peak of the NEW

                steve, welcome home

                I would like to see the forum listed at the top in tool bar section. might be difficult for new members to find the forum and even know it exist.

                also your ridgid tat looks identical to my tramp stamp. must be the same artist in Elyria that did it.


                could steve and I be brothers from a different mother?

                looks pretty similar

                i'm convinced steve and I are related. see you at the next roundup.
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                phoebe it is


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                  Re: Sneak Peak of the NEW

                  LOL...good to "see" you again, Rick...I think!
                  Seeing your stamp was a bit much to take first thing in the morning!
                  Related?!?!?! Geez, for both of our sakes, let's hope not!