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    Originally posted by BobsPlumbing View Post
    Well, the label "Deadbeat Dad" gets extremely overused. Many, heck, maybe even the majority of fathers want to provide "reasonable" income & support for their children. Unfortunately, every person reading this probably knows of a story of a father being treated unreasonably by their ex and the court system.

    Again, the breakdown of the traditional American family is the root of the problem.
    The "traditional" family no longer works as proven by crowded courts and countless divorces. There must be a new arrangement to reduce divorce, and the burden it causes on the courts and economy. Since men cleary are more sexual for much longer throughout their lives and women really don't want the intimate attention of their husbands once they have children, I have a few ideas. Marriage needs to be open ended(pun intended), five year or so renegotiable. Once the woman makes it clear she no longer shares her husbands desires, they separate amicably. Since there are many more younger women looking for stable, mature men, the women would go into a sort of pool and get picked up by the now single men (sort of like the insurance game). There are some kinks that need to be worked out but it sure beats the current institution. Have to go I hear the wife