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I reached a milestone today.

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    Re: I reached a milestone today.

    Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
    My 5hp toro snowblower is still a workout, twisting it through turns and pulling it back and forth as it clears a path. I need to use a shovel at times and it kills my back no matter how much I bend at the knees. Fell on ice twice a couple winters ago and that seemed to cause bursitis in the hips. No fun getting old, small steps just like when I was a toddler

    That is one of the concerns I have with a snowblower.... how much more work it might be, rather than just shoveling. At the house in Painted Post, I have a very hilly piece of property, not particularly big, but a sizeable bank at about a 45 degree grade. My FIL is significantly shorter than me (he's 5'4") and he had purchased a self-driven lawn mower (the kind you push) and I thought that maybe that would be better on my back. So on a visit, I told him I'd like to mow his lawn and try out his Craftsman self-propelled... with the idea that maybe I might like to buy one. Well let me tell ya', what a PIA that thing was. Fine for just moving straight along a well mannicured grade, but if you have to manuever it around trees and shrubs it would kill you with it's extra weight and wider tires. NO THANKS! I kept my el-cheapo Briggs and Stratton and I'm still using that type of mower.. albeit, with larger back wheels.

    About 15 years ago, I had a neighbor give me his snow blower. It was a bit old, and I used it a couple of times and then sold it to a guy at work for $75. Just too much trouble, between trying to get it started and working to keep it running. I also had a gravel driveway then, and that of course posed some problems, even though it was under packed snow. In anycase, I'm still relying on my trusty shovel. For my back challenges, I have one of those shovels with the curved handles, it does make quite a bit of difference. (Also, make sure you wear good boots with a soul that grips snow and ice well.)

    With my home here in Binghamton, the driveway is a reall bear, as there's no where to throw the snow. My neighbor's driveway is right next to mine, separated by my hedges. I park the van next to the house, rather than in the garage during the winter. That leaves me only about 20 ft to shovel, which I have to push down to the front of the house where I can pile it on the small front lawn area.

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      Re: I reached a milestone today.

      Just squeezing the grips on a snowblower to engage the impeller, and drive wheels can take a toll on your hands. My machine is around thirty years old and still running well, changed a few parts here and there but made well. I am very glad I have this machine when we get multiple foot plus snow falls. I clear the snow beyond my immediate needs so it doesn't pile up, and leave me with no more room once it compacts.
      I agree, self propelled does not accurately describe what's required


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        Re: I reached a milestone today.

        I'd appreciate it you guys would shut the hell up about snow.


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          Re: I reached a milestone today.

          My biggest problem with snow removal is cleaning the rocks out of my yard in the spring! I have a 7.5' plow for my truck. Speaking of, I need to fix the light harness before it gets to cold. I've had it since I bought the house, and with a 180' driveway and a big enough area to turn around with a 20' trailer attached, I couldn't fathom shoveling or even snow blowing it. I would how ever trade the plow for a skid loader any day. Someday hopefully.