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need some electrical help

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  • need some electrical help

    I want to reduce 12v DC to 7.4v DC. I want to use my 12v Ridgid batteries with another item I have that is 7.4v. Any idea as to what components I would need to reduce the voltage?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: need some electrical help

    The original battery is 7.4v 2600mA


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      Re: need some electrical help

      If the draw is steady a resistor is a possibility,

      when I converted a old truck to 12 from 6 volt I was able to buy resistors to put in line with the 6 volt accessory still in the truck (like fan and wipers), I mounted them to sheep of aluminum and run in series, and it have been operating like that for 30 years, on most automotive heater controls it is a resistor that controls the fan speed,

      as transformers only work on alternating currents,

      I would guess one most likely could make a electronic control that would work as well, using a transistor of some type but I would not know how to design it properly, that would actually control the actual voltage delivered,

      I think some of the new variable speed drill triggers are electronic now, and not a slide variable resister,
      so I would guess if one took a trigger, and could set at the correct setting it may control the voltage,
      (I really do not know, when it comes to electronic design I most like just know enough to be dangerous)

      SO any information given here USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
      Voltage Regulator Electronic Circuits, Page 1

      some possible links to help you, or some ideas to search out better.

      LM317 popular adjustable DC regulator. |

      there may be off the shelf voltage reducers for electronic use in cars and trucks 12 volt reduced to 9 volts or even 6 volts,

      Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator, DC-DC Voltage Regulator | Vicor Corporation

      Voltage reducers
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        Re: need some electrical help

        Thanks BHD. It's pretty simple as to what I want to accomplish. I have a kobalt heated jacket that uses a 7.4v Li - Ion battery. I have a bunch of the 12v Ridgid batteries and only the one rechargeable pack from kobalt. I was going to use the LED flashlight base and modify it to output to the jacket.


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          Re: need some electrical help

          matt, don't worry, 12 volts will make you toasty. or make you toast.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: need some electrical help

            Just use Milwaukee V28 batteries and have yourself a wearable tanning booth.
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              Re: need some electrical help

              LOL! Thanks for the advice.... hahaha!