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  • Atime to stop and think

    To all on this forum a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas to all and family. I know we all repeat this every year but it is important to stop and think. We are all important. Take time to "HUG YOUR KIDS". Presents are not as important as is suggested in the media. I know this sounds a little strange but a little love might be more appropriate. Take a moment to consider those less fortunate than all of us. Now I also know that there are many who do not celebrate or respect this season. To them I say please, show some respect for others and they in turn will reciprocate.

    Yeah I know I am dreaming but like many I can only hope that we will stop and think with our brains instead of knives, guns and other. Instead of punching someone in the nose, plant a kiss on them instead. Mind you they will probably smack you but what the heck, make love not war.

    Finally lets hope and work towards making 2014 a very special year for all our kids. Don't be so quick to lose ones temper but rather take a step back, take a deep breath and think before we act.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all