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Mike Rowes take on Phil

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  • Mike Rowes take on Phil

    I like Mike Rowe. I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him on several occasions over the past couple of years, the latest being at this years Skills USA leadership conference in Kansas City.
    I think entertainment needs more guys like Mike that somehow manage to balance fame with common sense.

    You should all subscribe to his Facebook page and visit and Profoundly Disconnected

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    Re: Mike Rowes take on Phil

    I read it. Pretty reasonable. Also watched his most recent interview he mentions in the article. He is the voice for what many of us know to be true in regards to education and trades.

    The whole DD thing is just B.S. that can gain the most whatever currently. Something else will pop up next year. Sorry, but I feel like if you're paying much attention too it in either position, then they've got you and are happy about it. Just a sheep.


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      Re: Mike Rowes take on Phil

      Bob thinks I'm a sheep....baahhhh.