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LSA Plan Process Explained

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  • LSA Plan Process Explained

    I came across this on YouTube and thought it summed up the whole plan process. It made me laugh, too...

    SCREW RIDGID TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!! - YouTube

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    Re: LSA Plan Process Explained

    My God I think he is a couple of bricks short of a load what idiot wouldn`t keep all the papers and receipts when buying a product to prove where you bought it he wouldn`t



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      Re: LSA Plan Process Explained

      My God, what kind of idiot runs a company that takes 9 months to turn around a repair or warranty claim on one of their tools, repeatedly loses customer registration information, changes the ststus of your registered tools on the dashboard from LSA to 3year, etc. etc.

      He is not the first and he won't be the last. Yes, other companies have their problems but TTI's is well known. The only thing that is not as well known is that they smear the RIDGID name every time they act this way toward a customer, so RIDGID feels the heat and TTI goes on unscathed. And when people are turned away from the RIDGID name because of TTIs bad service, there is a good chance they will land up buying one of the other brands that TTI markets under, so they still get your money. But at least if you buy Ryobi, you can think of it as a disposable tool that costs far less up front than an expensive tool that will spend half its life in a repair center while you suffer with a Ryobi anyway as a short term replacement (you hope) for your TTI/RIDGID tool in flashy HD Orange.

      What a bad deal RIDGID made in attaching their name to TTI. They probably felt they had to do something to get in the cordless tool business or be left behind. But a better strategy might have been to let TTI hook up with the biggest competitor and drag them down from within, while RIDGID went on to do something on their own or with someone else who cared more about their customers.
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        Re: LSA Plan Process Explained

        Another You Tube Rhodes Scholar heard from. just the facts ma'am - Bing Videos
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          Re: LSA Plan Process Explained

          My mother went to High School with Mr. Webb.