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    Re: so what do I do

    Doesn't it snow a lot there every year.

    If you don't go somebody else will. It's your call

    We plow several shopping centers, industrial & office parks, so we are out there & if we don't somebody else will be.

    The deepest snow I ever driven in was just above the bumper on my P/U.

    I have 2 hills that are about a 1-1/2 miles each with a 10% grade that I have go up & down to get my house.

    After 37 hrs. of plowing I headed home to find this stretch of road was not plowed. I made it no problem.

    I was driving a Ford F-250 4WD with 100 gal full fuel tank in the back & no plow on the front.

    I don't plow with our P/U's that's what we have equipment for.

    6 hours to shovel your driveway. The longest it's ever taken me to clear my 575 ft. long driveway is a half hour & I didn't even break a sweat


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      Re: so what do I do

      This recent snow wasn't much to talk about at all (at least not here in the Binghamton, NY area anyway). Light and easy to just plow with shovel... which is something I have to do a bit of, because my driveway is parallel with my neighbors, and neither of us have a place to throw it beside. So it gets pushed to the front or the rear and then shoveled into the yard or out to the curb.

      As I mentioned a week or so ago, we have a double-wide sidewalk here and with all the students in the neighborhood, it gets constantly tracked. Normally with a large amount of snow, the Dr. next door will run his plow-equipped pickup down the walk and that is a really big help. To reciprocate, when it's light, I shovel both our walkways. Unfortunately this holiday season they were in sunny California... so I had to deal with both our properties and the continueing snow fall. I think I wento out four times that day, and two the following. Thank God it was light stuff.

      Several years ago we had a massive snow storm in Painted Post... a very rare event. In the first three hours we got over 40 inches, all wet and heavy. By the next morning all three cars were buried and the only thing you could see was the top of the antenna on the van. That took my son and I well over four hours to shovel out. Still, I haven't learned my lesson and all I have is a shovel (I think a change to that is going to be necessary!)



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        Re: so what do I do

        Originally posted by AFM View Post
        Remember this is all part of global warming

        Shut up Tony... :-P


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          Re: so what do I do

          Well, when I lived back East I always plowed snow. I was doing carpentry and building new homes for My self . I plowed around the clock , The Money was fantastic. All other work stopped for a day 2 days a storm. BUY A SNOW PLOW !
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .