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Had a visit with my most liberal friend

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  • Had a visit with my most liberal friend

    He's as disgusted as I am with the current state of both political parties and thinking about going Libertarian.

    He used to be the most angry liberal I personally knew. It's amazing how much your attitude changes when you realize they are all the enemy, and not just the one's on the other side of the aisle.

    We are still on either side of center, but it was an interesting conversation.

    I don't know that much about Libertarian myself. I know they lean toward limited government and personal liberties.

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    Re: Had a visit with my most liberal friend

    I was having a lvely conversation with two guys I know at the gym yesterday. One is a firefighter , the other a realtor. They both felt democrats/President Obama did much more damage to our country and economy then the republicans. I argued that both got us where we are, and that while Union demands have contributed to our problems, big business shipping out millions of jobs shares in the blame.
    In my opinion the problem has less to do with political ideology and more with human nature. Labor/Unions grew stronger and wanted more and more for their work. Big business moved jobs to make more profit from cheap labor and no government oversight. When I asked where they thought the jobs, the full time good paying jobs to turn this mess around would be coming from, neither had an answer. Millions of men and women in their 40's and 50's who were working, contributing to the economy and paying taxes have lost their jobs and they are not in a position to "retrain" for whatever jobs are now in demand. We have millions of folks who were working now unemployed and unable to support their families or themselves, and no prospects for employment. I told them I doubted republicans would win the Presidential election considering how many people are on entitlements. So once again I have to say I see no way, no plan to turn this Titanic around.
    Part time, low paying jobs will do nothing to offset the entitlement spending which will continue to rise as we support human livestock. Welcome to the new America, unlike the one that supplied the material and technological needs of the rest of the world. If you can't think of a alternative scenario, neither can our inept legislators on both sides of the aisle. We are doomed seems appropriate, sorry.


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      Re: Had a visit with my most liberal friend

      Now your eyes are just beginning to open a bit. Try opening them all the way. Step into the light lol

      I can't go libertarian though. I'm close but they are just a bit too far out there for me and foreign policy wise I think they would be a disaster.


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        Re: Had a visit with my most liberal friend

        My eyes aren't any more or less open than they have been. If you think my position has shifted it means you really haven't paid attention until now.