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  • Batteries

    I had to purchase a new fuse/fuse holder for a raytech camera the other day, and why I was doing so, decided to purchase a wad of various sized batteries for the locaters,and sonde on sale at a local electronics outlet at a on sale price. Well $ 79.88 later,I used a total of 12 batteries in the scout and 2 or 3 in the sonde ,while I think I traced the line correctly,The amount of batteries used in 5 hours knocked me for a loop de loop [in a sense].
    So Here I am on the forum where I think lurks experts on many diverse subjects,asking----What are the best batteries that you all use in both work and play.

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    Re: Batteries

    I use a lot of rechargeables and "Tenergy" makes good AA through D sizes. I use UltraFire 3.6volt lithium ion availble from The best charger I have used is the Intellicharger i4 by Nitecore.


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      Re: Batteries

      I use a lot of rechargeable NiMh batteries, mostly in the AA size, as that is where I try to keep my emergency lights and radio gear. I only have a few Ridgid cordless tools and with the exception of the 12-volt worthless tools, most are 14.4- and 18-Volt NiCads. I'm not in the plumbing business (or any business for that matter, I'm retired )

      While I haven't seriously searched, I haven't found any rechargeable LiIon locally, but I do think that would be the preferred "rechargeable" though I understand that cold weather will drain them much faster than NiCad or NiMH. Perhaps someone else can 'shine some light' on that issue. (PUN?)

      I very rarely use regular non-recharge batteries, though I have had some luck recently with the cheap batteries from Harbor Freight. They are so low in cost that it doesn't much matter... and I do have a couple of remote temperature/weather devices that won't work on rechargeables. (A normal or regular heavy-duty (non-rechargeable) cylindrical cell puts out a full 1.5 Volts, where most rechargeable cells only put out 1.2 Volts and that slight difference may not operate certain devices.

      I hope this helps,