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Inspect your trailers and hitches

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  • Inspect your trailers and hitches

    Just a reminder, to do a intensive inspection of your equipment from time to time,

    a few days ago I wanted to move some cattle, so I caught the cattle and got them in a pen to load into the stock trailer, (an old small bumper hitch trailer), when I went to hook it up I saw no problems, hooked up the safety chains and wiring, and moved it and back it up and loaded the cattle, pulled out and got out to shut the gate, and was standing and looked over at the trailer and saw a black line behind the latching part of the ball hitch and where it was welded to the tongue of the trailer, It was crack up both sides of the hitch, and only a thin piece of flat steel was still holding the hitch on the trailer, and even the break away chains were welded to about where the crack was, so even if the hitch would have broke not sure is the chains would have held or not,

    so the cattle got unloaded and delayed there trip,

    I do not know if it would have broke off or not but I am sure it would have bent to where it would have been dangerous and most likely broke with a load of animal on,

    but you guy with water trailers with a live load (like moving animals) can put extra stress on a hitch, even a dead load with the dynamic of road there is a lot of stress as well,

    a few things make sure your using the correct size of ball, it is tight,
    and there is no stress cracks developing,

    If it is a tandem axel unit and walking suspension, from time to time check to see if the linkage is not wore out,

    and of course keep your brakes working, and lights,
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    Re: Inspect your trailers and hitches

    Yep, the one thing that most people don't do or think off is the ALL IMPORTANT Pre-Trip Inspection when connecting to a towed vehicle. Even if it is regularly towed, and more importantly, one that has been sitting for awhile. It can be rather amazing how quickly some things can become fatigued and fail without much prior signs of failure. And check those wheel bearings for grease!! I don't think that there are any among us that has not seen their share of towed vehicles along the side of the road, either missing a wheel, or worst yet, involved in an accident because of loosing a wheel.

    So, do a complete Pre-Trip when hooking up!!

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      Re: Inspect your trailers and hitches

      Your trailer suffers from FCD (Fat Cow Disease).