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    I started a new hobby, Ice Climbing. I am taking another lesson this coming Saturday. The lessons are fun and teach technical aspects like crampon and axe placement. What they don't teach, or just touch on, is how to read ice types, what type of knots to use in what situation and what types of equipment is best for specific situations. The instructor is a wealth of information and has been able to answer all my questions fully. But I feel like a goof taking climbing time away from the other class members by asking questions.

    I have read a number of books that answer the questions but I seem to have a disconnect between the books and practical applications. To look at a picture of a type of ice in a book and then see real ice somehow doesn't match with me. Does anyone know of a school or classes I can take in the Northeast where I can learn other than the technical climbing aspects of the sport?


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    Re: Ice Climbing

    I have no business responding to this. There, I said it.

    Sounds almost like you want to take a college credit class in Glaciology or something similar that involves field trips.


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      Re: Ice Climbing

      Judging by the winter that never ends, I would say that perhaps ice climbing may be a skill we all need


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        Re: Ice Climbing

        You need to meet others with experience who will take you under their wing. Ice is sketchier than rock. It's always unwise to climb with idiots, but especially with ice, you need people who know what they are doing. Find a good gear shop and talk with the employees. See if they can point you to a class and/or hook you up with the local climbing community.
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          Re: Ice Climbing

          I can give an advice, but good luck,
          (PS. I think your crazy)
          at one time I thought rock climbing may be fun, but never ice,

          yes I am in Colorado but live on the plains and not far from the highest point in Nebraska, I am adding a picture of Panorama Point, Nebraska so one can see the massive mountains we have around here to climb, Panorama Point - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          this short blog will give one some more idea of the steepness of the land

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