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    Dead On Tools.

    Some time ago I was shopping at Berlands House of Tools. I saw a hammer, it was a 24oz Dead On framing hammer with a price tag of about $79.00 or so. I remember commenting that a hammer that expensive had better drive the nail by itself. On the way out, near the register, they had a small pry bar called the exhumer. It was 19.00 and some change so I threw it in the basket. It turned out to be several tools in one. The obvious nail pullers, a striking surface, a bottle opener and a 1/2" wrench on it for circular saw blade replacement. The angles of the claws are cool and they come to a point so you can smack the striking surface to dig those pesky nails out. I love it. Then after taking my supposed "framing" hammer back to sears about 4 or 5 times because the waffle face kept chipping, i ran across one of the dead on hammers on ebay for a few bucks more than the craftsman, much less than the 79 bucks. After using this thing, it is well worth the 79 bucks (although they are still available on ebay cheaper). Built most of a deck, framed 3 or 4 walls and hung a bunch of siding, head looks as good as new! I can't wait until their D016 Finishing Hammer becomes more readily available, I will be all over that one too! These are awesome tools! Just my two cents