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New Dust Collection System Set-up

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  • New Dust Collection System Set-up

    We are reconfiguring our basement workshop and have decided to add a dust collection system. Simultaneously, our central vac broke down and needs to be relaced. Does anyone have experience with connecting shop-dust-collection tubing to a central vacuum? If it is possible, which brand or "air wattage" of central vacuum would you recommend? Any modifications necessary? Or-- would you recommend ditching this idea and just spending the $$ for a separate duct collector?

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    a central dust collection system is a good idea but not to be powered by a vac. use a single stage dust collector that has enough power for the amount of duct you have and how many tools to be ran at once. a cyclone systen is also a good choice.


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      I don't have my dust collector yet, but my understanding is that if you have the option, get a separate dust collector instead of using a vacuum. I use my Ridgid vac as a dust collector, and is acceptable. However, a dust collector has lower suction but much higher CFM rating so it moves much more air and therefore is more effective. I would also be concerned about clogging up the home central vac too quickly.