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Wet'Dry Vac - How to use?

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  • Wet'Dry Vac - How to use?

    OK, I know this is a really basic question, but I have a wet-dry vac and no instruction manual.
    I need to know which filter(s) to use when vacuuming wet.

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    From my Shop Vac owners manual;

    "Remove all dirt and debris from tank before using your vacuum for wet pick-ups. Wet pick-up requires only the cartridge filter or a foam sleeve to be in position over the lid cage. We recommend using a foam sleeve when picking up large quantities of water."
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      Always remove the filter for wet pickup and always have in place for dry pickup. If you intend on picking up drywall,cement dust, flour or any other fine particles you MUST purchase a 3layer filter at Home Depot.