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  • This is one for the moderators......

    the ridgid hand tool catalog has a pretty extensive line up of things that should be readily available at local plumbing shops/retailers, yet the only thing that seems to be readily available is your pipe wrenches and tubing cutters. Why is that? You have several other items of interest many of which i am about to give up on because they seem not to exist. no one carries them! why??

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    I think you're looking in the wrong places. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies-Whsle & Mfrs". These companies are plumbing supplies distributors who sell primarily to plumbing & heating contractors. Although they usually are wholesale only, most will gladly sell you tools. A simple phone call will verify which ones are RIDGID distributors and which RIDGID products they inventory.
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      Dave is correct, in that a lot of the RIDGID proffesional equipment is sold through distributors to plumbing and contracting companies, so that's a place to start. Also look into places like Grainger for the complete line.

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        That's my point..

        I got the 2003 catalog from a local plumbing supplier. All he stocked was Ridgid's pipe wrenches. the rest of the hand tools/general tools are neither readilly available at local supply houses or on line. Do they even exist?


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          Ah, I thought you meant all of the other traditional RIDGID plumbing and pipeworking tools.

          Go to the General Tools page on the Ridge site:

          and select the tools you are interested in.

          Click on the "Where to buy" button and enter your zip. It will return a bunch of places you can't use, but might result in a supplier in your area with more than the plumbing stuff. Make sure you are looking at a recent catalog, or the above site. I know that the laser levels and ladder are no longer listed, for example.


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            pls remmember that, it is almost impossible for a single distributor to stock ALL items and at any given time under the ridgid hand tools catalog.. however, a ridgid distributor can and will order them for you. yes i am pretty sure, those items do exist..


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              I bought a set of Ridgid screw drivers at Home Depot last winter to use for work. They are great. 2 months later I bought another set for home and a couple of the larger individual screw drivers. All are still great. I wanted to buy some sets for the guys I work with for Christmas and HD does not carry them any more. Whats up with that?
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                I understand the "plumbing" suppliers not carrying the entire catalog. Papadan got lucky to find Ridgid Screwdrivers at HD. I have not seen hand tools "ridgid" at any home depot either here in illinois, or when i lived in california. (except plumbing tools).

                Now I understand that Ridgid is marketed primarilary toward the Plumbing Professional, But it seems to me, that if they have a catalog, and that catalog contains certain products, that somewhere would carry a portion of that line. Carrying a few sizes of pipe wrenches an tube cutters is not carrying a "line of tools" in my opinion.

                As a diy'r and knowing how to do basic plimbing and household electircal work, i have been to both Plumbing suppliers, and Electrical suppliers. Klein is a professional grade tool that is tailored toward the electrical professional and most of the electrical suppliers i have been to in my area, carry a pretty big selection of general Klein hand tools. the BOB carrys a small selection of Klein tools, but not what I would consider a "good" selection and certainly not their whole line.

                With regard to the ridgid hand tools, the only thing i can think of is it is a proprietery thing with Husky? Although that wouldn't make much sense as BOB also carries channellock, cooper, irwin, etc hand tools. Even on line sales folks are hard to come by if at all. I have their 2003 catalog, and just received ther "2004 catalog". 2 pamphlets one with power tools the other with "promotional items".

                Now to be fair, many places have claimed to be able to special order anything in the catalog, but because they don't "stock" they either won't because they require a minimum order, or the tool, if special ordered is way too expensive!

                I know this is not a HD problem per se. but Ridgid, wake up. Get your product out there. A lot of people belileve in "product loyalty" and will continue to purchase your product if it is available and quality. Hard to sell what is not readily available.

                My two cents