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  • best way to accomplish this.....

    As i pointed out in an earlier post i reciently picked up a couple of small tool boxes filled with some very old tools. a little bit of junk, quite a few went into my box of "sacrificial/misfit tools"but i did run across a few quality items and interesting items that if i can clean them up without screwing them up, they will be nice to have. the one thing i learned about corrosion is to always use the mildest method possible for removal. i have a few options., looking for opinions on how to best get this accomplished ( a few of the pipe wrenches are pretty bad).

    1) i have a what appears to be an antique speed square. appears to say "dub and shinn pat may 1902, universal square. this looks like i might be able to get away with some mineral spirits and a brass brush or possibly green scrubby.

    as for the others that i would like to clean up this will not work. so which is better

    naval jelly?

    i have a sandblaster kit for my airbrush with some fine abrasive

    of course the old dremel and wire/brass brush?

    any suggestions/chemicals i did not think of/am not aware of?

    if i can get them useable, great, if not, i would still like to get them cleaned up somewhat and hang them in and around my workshop


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    There are a few things you may not have tried and most of these come from the guys that restore old hand planes. Boeshield makes a good product for rust removal and prevention. Have a look at this site under hand planes then the refinishing link at the top. Plane refinishing
    Ideas like electrolysis are discussed