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6-Gal Wet/Dry exhaust flow

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  • 6-Gal Wet/Dry exhaust flow

    Hi, I have the 6-gal 2-hp wet/dry vac and was just wondering about the air exhaust flow on the vac. The air comes out the top vents like most vacs, but it also comes out thru the top cover handles in a downward direction. At first I thought I didn't seal the cover to the dust bin correctly, but I did and the air would flow in, not out. So I checked closer and noticed the air comes out thru tunneling originating from the motor and built into the handles. Now what is the purpose of the exhaust coming out the handles???...I ask this, because if you're not careful, you can accidentally blow the sawdust into areas difficult to reach....Thanks for any replies in advance.....
    Thanks,<br />Erwin<br />\"It\'s all in the grain.....\"

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    I have the Ridgid 16gal 2-in-1 (includes a blower) that exhausts the air through a port on the side of the motor, not through the handles. I believe the old ridgid wet/dry vacs exhausted air through the handles, but they changed that design a while ago. I bought mine about a year and a half ago. Did you get one of the old designs?


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      I did get it just over a year ago and yep, after looking at Ridgid's website, it is the older model. Were the newer models out at that time??? If so, I was wonder if I was a victim of HD's "sell the old stuff before the new stuff" tendency???....Reminder to self, check Ridgid's web for the latest models. I guess it's time to upgrade to a better model......
      Thanks,<br />Erwin<br />\"It\'s all in the grain.....\"


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        Big E,

        There are two different airflows on the wet/dry vacs, the cooling air and the suction air. The air you feel coming out the top is the cooling air and is drawn in where the black cap meets the orange top. The air coming out from under the handles is the suction air and that is actually coming from the impeller.



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          Hello, I am a design student from Auburn University. We are currently working with Emerson tool company (the makers of Ridgid wet/dry vacs) in redesigning the vac. I stumbled upon this forum to look for research on what users commonly find wrong with current models. So far the information I have received on this one topic has been invaluable. Thank you. I ask you to please list additional problems you have with user functions. Any additional ideas on improving existing wet/dry vacs would also be very welcomed. Either reply on this post or feel free to email me at -