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  • Miter Saw Motor

    I've had the 12" miter saw for a month now, with nominal use.

    Last night, cutting some 2x4, the speed of the motor (and therefore the blade) increased noticeably (accompanied by the associated increase in audible pitch). It happened just as I finished the cut, and after releasing the trigger, the blade brake had to work quite hard to stop the blade.

    After some examinations yielded no explanation, I tentatively started the saw again, with the same higher pitched, higher speed operation, and stopped it immediately. I am of course not interested in further experimentation without some explanation....

    Has anyone heard of this before? What could cause the electric motor to all of a sudden start putting out higher RPMs?

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    Could a short drawing too much current cause such a problem without tripping a breaker?


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      Hmmmm. Could be, but such a short must be in the saw's motor itself, since I have checked the outlet with a tester, and even tried a different outlet, on a different circuit, just to be sure.

      BTW, on doing the latter test, I noticed that the saw starts out at what seems to be the right speed, but after about 2 seconds running, it jumps into turbo mode. Just by the sound, I would guess a 15 to 20% increase in RPM.

      I sent an email to Ridgid's technical support early this AM, but alas... no reply as yet.


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        Not a ridgid owner or used their customer service, but do have a suggestion

        My most recent purchase was a Powermatic saw and I was having a couple difficulties during setup. I emailed their customer service line and got no response for 4 days. I had already called their 800 number and gotten issue resolved in one phone call before I got the email and the email simply referred me to the 800 number.

        My understanding is that with most tool companies a phone call is the fastest way to get service. I'd give them a call while you wait.



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          The only posibility I see is that the N/C connection on the power switch does not open when the power switch is activated causing the brake winding and the run winding to add and provide more drive.


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            I have the 12" miter saw as well. Mine seems to do the exact same thing. Starts at slightly slower speed then jumps to the higher RPM. It has always done it and it seems to cut great. Powers right through 4x4's and such. It concerned me at first as well, but it just seems at it is designed this way. By the time i get the blade moving toward the cut it is at the high speed. It does it consistently each and every time so I can only assume this is the way it designed, sort of a "soft start" sort of thing. Let us know if you ever talk to a human being about it at Ridgid.



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              Originally posted by ChrisinMD:
              I have the 12" miter saw as well. Mine seems to do the exact same thing. Starts at slightly slower speed then jumps to the higher RPM.
              I went to HD last evening and explained my problem. The guy in the Tool Corral said: "Hmmm. Sounds bad, bring in the saw (just the saw, keep your existing stand) and we'll swap it out with one from one of these here". And that is what I did. God Bless Home Depot.

              Got the new saw home, set her up, and Chris, you are quite right: it starts at one speed, then kicks up a bit after about 2 seconds. What is weird though, is that the first saw did not do this for its first month of operation. It was definately something new... so noticeable compared to how it had been working that I had become scared to use it. The braking action had also changed noticeably. So I do believe the first one had some kind of fault, and it has not been a waste of time swapping it out.

              I called Ridgid's service 800 number this AM, and got this: "We are closed today due to inclement weather. [Click]".

              Hmmm... Its a beautiful day here in South Florida... slight breeze.... 75ish.... [img]smile.gif[/img]

              Anyway, Chris, I am happy to hear your story... it gives me confidence in the machine knowing that it is supposed to wind up. I will still call Ridgid's support to confirm, and post what I learn here.

              All this now raises another question: Since HD swapped out my saw (and its serial number with it), is the new unit still covered under the Lifetime Warranty of the first one (purchased in January).