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WorkMate Type work Table ???????

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  • WorkMate Type work Table ???????

    I'm pretty much just a DIY type enjoy the new Ridgid Cordless tools so far. I have my tried and true saw horses to work off of but they seem pretty basic. I saw the Black and Decker WorkMate 425 and Skils version. I was wondering if these tables are functional or are they just gadgets, the Workmate seems pretty nice, and lowes has them for $79 something compared to HD's $99.00 anyone else use these tables care to share your view.
    Shame Ridgid doesn't make one, might not be bad Idea.(they could make it fold up in it's own HARD CASE or just put it in a bag with half of it sticking out) Hehehehe sorry got carried away.

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    I've got a Work Mate (don't know the model) and it's been handy for several things, holding cabinet doors for belt sanding, wide jaw vise (light tension). It's very stable so there's lots of possibilities. It even makes a good platform for a temporary work table. Just, attach a plank to the bottom of a 5'x 5' sheet good and clamp the plank in the jaws. Doesn't slide around like on a saw horse, No legs in the way either.
    (Don't sit on the edge though, you'll be on the floor with a pile of tools around you!)


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      I have a very old workmate(cast frame) and a newer 550. I also have 2 sears which I use for support and infeed /outfeed tables too because they adjust in height and tilt. The B&D have 2 fixed heights but fold to be compact. My old one has metal instead of plastic parts on threads etc. I like that one the best but it is 35 years old. The sears are not as good for clamping. I paid $44 on sale for those. Kragen Auto and HF also have smaller ones for under $20.