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Manufacturer of motors??

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  • Manufacturer of motors??

    Well my ridgid vac and chop saw have emerson motors I believe. So what does my 14.4v X2 have? What if I buy a circular saw, does it have an emerson? HD told my that my drill is made at ryobi tech, does that mean that ridgid cordless tools have ryobi motors and batteries?

    Just curious about quality.

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    I wonder who makes the motor that's in my DeWalt cordless drill or my Milwaukee corded hole shooter drill? Which brand of motor powers my PC plate joiner or my Makita hammer drill? Every single one of these tools earn their keep and I can't tell you what make of motor poweres any one of them. I also don't really care either. As long as the tool does everything it's supposed too, who cares who makes every part that goes into it!
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      I might care, is it dollar store china that's not going to survive in what harsh elements I put my tools through. Perhaps I want bragging rights. I know milwakee, dewalt and makita don't use crap but what does ridgid use? Man who shoved a pickle up your arse? Your not much help to this forum.


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        "Dollar store china" sounds a lot like the "cheap transistor radios" that came from -- where was it? -- Oh, yeah, JAPAN! I think they were made by some crazy company named quality there! And Toyota or Datsun took how long? -- about 15 years? -- before NBC produced a special saying "If Japan Can, Why Can't the US?".

        A global market buys the best quality it can afford for the prices it wants to pay. If global competition -- including utility of labor, material, place, and information -- can continually force that price to a new supply/demand equilibrium, then the poor will get better, the rich will get poorer, and we will fight wars of all kinds over "protectionism" vs. "free trade." THAT is the only certainty.

        The company, TTI, that makes BOTH Ryobi and the "new" Ridgid tools, markets globally, including Asia, Europe, and the Americas. They source globally, but they service locally. Want to blame someone for poor service? -- blame an American! Want to blame someone for poor product features, shoddy design, or crappy ingredients? Blame the engineer who designed it -- because ANY of the leading Chinese manufacturers can produce high-quality tools, that are PERCEIVED by the world as high-quality, if painted Black and Gold, Orange and Grey, Solid Red, etc.....

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          Thanks for that one.


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            Is that Dunnellen Hotel Bar still in operation?