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wet/dry vac motor assembly

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  • wet/dry vac motor assembly

    I have a Ridgid 12 gal wet/dry vac. How do I remove the motor assembly from the houseing? I have removed all the srews that can possibly be removed. I have one wire that is disconnected. It can be reconnected but I need to remove the motor from the housing to access it.

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    I have the model WD1245, if you check the exploded view parts illustration on page 13 of the owners manual, it will hopefully help. Before you start though, you might want to check with Ridgid Customer Service to make sure you don't screw up your "Full Lifetime Warranty". Their number is 1-800474-3443.

    It looks like you need to remove the filter cage (illustration #12) and float (#11) from underneath the collector assembly (#10), then remove the collector asm pan or cover (#10). It isn't clear as to how they are retained as no hardware is shown.

    Then you'll have to remove the blower wheel (#15) from the motor shaft (nut and lockwasher is shown as fasteners for that - #13 & 14). Then it appears that only four or five pan-head screws (#17) are used to fasten the motor (#4) to the lid (#7). All of this is on the filter side of the lid.

    The motor has to be removed from the top side of the lid, after the cap trim (#1) and motor cover (#3) have been removed. The motor cover appears to be fastened to the lid with four pan-head screws (#9).

    The illustration is a bit on the rough side, but it should work as a guide for dis-assembly/assembly.

    Hope this helps,


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      we had the same problem before. cant seem to detached the motor from the housing. so we sent the whole thing back to ridge tool for repair..