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No press releases on Ridgid ww takeover

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  • No press releases on Ridgid ww takeover

    I have been unable to find any news or press releases regarding emerson/ridgid selling or contracting anything to ryobi at any of their websites or on
    Emerson and ryobi are publicly traded companies and must issue and file such information when definite, these would be posted on My guess is that nothing is definite yet.

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    where is the original info on this possibility located? i have yet to be able to locate it. the first i heard of it is in this forum

    one thing i am unsure of...ryobi only makes (as far as i know), portable power tools, not shop size tools? am i wrong?


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      You need to go to Emerson Electric, the parent company, to see the disclosure to the stockholders:

      Emerson Investor Relations

      Well down in the fine print, it says:

      Emerson has made the strategic business decision to discontinue the manufacture of bench top and stationary woodworking power tools and to work with The Home Depot on options to secure supply for Home Depot. Emerson has developed a program to license the RIDGID brand to top manufacturers to fulfill Home Depot's future requirements. Emerson remains fully committed to its RIDGID brand. RIDGID's reputation for quality and the distribution of RIDGID woodworking power tools through Home Depot is important to both Home Depot and Emerson. Emerson will continue supporting the full RIDGID line and will remain a significant manufacturer of RIDGID wet/dry vacuums, hand tools, and other products for Home Depot.

      Emerson values its ongoing relationship with Home Depot, and this agreement will help ensure that the RIDGID brand continues to play a strong role in Home Depot's success. Emerson also expects the full RIDGID program to continue to make significant contributions to the company's revenues. This decision has no effect on Ridge professional contactor and plumbing tools, which is a separate Emerson business.
      This is the second quarter 2003 Financial Releases. Sound familiar? This was the Moderator's recent "update" for the loyal hard core on the General Woodworking forum.


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        The change over is not to good can not get parts
        or talk to people lots of run around been waiting
        for parts for a TS2400 for 4 mounths