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    Sundance Kid,

    The reason for basing it on date of sale rather than date of manufacture has nothing to do with the quality of the product. I am sure that RIDGID / OWT has set up specific sales targets for the introduction. The promotion is one of the marketing tools being used to meet those targets. If they based the warranty on manufacturing dates there would be no "rush" by consumers to purchase since they could track down one of the tools within the manufacturing window anytime. Sure, it would get harder with time, but could still be done with e-bay and such.

    Basing the warranty promotion on date ranges creates an urgency and gets people excited and motivated to purchase the tools during the period that the targets are based on.

    Also, the link below will take you to the warranty extension announcement made here by the moderator:;f=19;t=000039


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      Spowell, thanks for the information and the link. It will hopefully be also useful to others out there!