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Delta 14 " band saws?

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  • Delta 14 " band saws?

    Wonder if there are any opnions on the Delta 28-276 14" band saws - imported vs the more expensive (double price) US made ones?

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    Hello Cal,

    about 6 months ago, while researching a bandsaw purchase, I had the opportunity to do a direct comparison of the import vs. the American versions of the Delta 14" bandsaws at a local "Woodworkers Warehouse" store.

    In my opinion, the fit and finish as well as the overall quality of the import was nowhere near as high as the American version. The import does have some nice features like a 4" dust collection port, as well as a quick blade detensioner.

    Now you need to ask yourself, "Is the difference in quality worth the difference in price?" That's something only you can answer.

    Personally, if I had the extra dough, I would have bought the American version, no question about it. However, I didn't purchase either one.

    During the course of my research I also looked at the Jet 14" and I looked up a local woodworker who had the new Grizzly G0555. Based on all the "hands on" comparisons I did, I purchased the Grizzly G0555. It was worth the backorder/wait...Fabulous machine for a reasonable price. Is it as nice as the American Delta? Nah...Is it $850.00...nah, but it's definately nicer than the imported Delta, no question about it.

    If you're seriously considering a 14" bandsaw, do yourself a favor and don't limit your choices to the Deltas. There are other machines out there that are at least as nice as the import for less $$$. The American Delta would be a great saw if you don't mind parting with the extra cash. Just my .02. Hope this helps.


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      That was what the very informed salesman at nearby HD also said about the import Delta. He personally owns the Ryobi BS1400 & it's my first choice so far. Even the 'fit & finish' of the import Delta is a bit sub-par as I saw first hand.


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        Dadman, the Grizzly looks pretty good! Do you know if there sre show rooms in the USA? Would like to see one 'in person'. Like the guides and, dual speed, even has a quick release like the new Carter one. Do you ever cut thick (1/2") aluminum? I need to now and then. Wonder about the slower speed for that.


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          Grizzly has showrooms in WA. MO. & PA. I've never been to one, although I hear they're quite impressive.

          If you want to see one of Grizzly's products you can call them at their 800 number and they'll provide you with the name of one of their customers in your general area that has it. That's what I did when I was looking for a bandsaw. Made a new woodworker friend and got to check out the machine prior to parting with my hard earned cash...worked out well.


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            I recently purchased the Grizzly G0555 and I think it has no competiton in its price range (dual speed, 4" dust collection, 1 hp motor, quick tension release, ball bearing blade guides and comes standard with a very good fence). The built quality is very good too. I received it 3 days after I placed the order. Now I wished I spent a little more and get a Grizzly cabinet table saw instead of my TS3612.