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    I'm just wondering how much contractors get paid at Home Depot in relation to ordinary self-employeed contractors. There is no Home Depot near me and I heard they get paid pretty well. Is this true?

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    I have never seen any trucks at the local HD's that would suggest that they have in-house installers. This could vary in different parts of the country but my guess is they work with local contractors whenever a HD customer wants installation included with their purchase from HD.
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      I have checked into doing some work for HD and found the rate they pay here much less than I could get myself. The positive side is that they have all the work you could want. I will probably use them as a fill in when times are slow for me.
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        I'm not sure how all things work with contractors doing work for HD, but when I was talking to the fellows at the in-store Trane display/desk, he was a local independant. His price was competitive and he did the estimate, not Home Depot.



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          I had a siding estimate from HD and it was something that was subcontracted. They wanted to rape me on the labor and from talking to guys that worked for them, they were not paid what they should have been!


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            Hi Guys

            I can only speak about the area that I live. The installers are independant contractors. The money gets divided 3 ways. One part to HD, one to the independant contractor, one to the installer employed by the contractor. I suspect most of the people actully doing the work are 1099. Now the bad news, the rate here for a entry door up to 42" wide by 96" high is 219.00. I have no idea what the percent split is but I suspect the installer gets the smaller portion. I would think you would have to do 3 or more in a day to pay for gas, insurance, and the rest. I would think it would be tuff to make ends meet. Now a dose of reality that is all the customer will pay. They think they are getting screwed. I would not do it for the entire 219.00.


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              So could I work for HD on projects and then keep those people as clients so down the road they go directly to me, avoiding paying HD a piece of the pie?

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                I have a friend who installs windows through HD. He gets paid very well and usually has more work than he can handle. He likes it because HD gets the customers and schedules the install and he is guaranteed getting paid,no need for him to chase down his cusotmers.


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                  I wouldnt get out of bed for the gutter snot wages these box stores pay their installers.

                  Ask yourself why a high quality professional would be prostituting himself for income that is less than half of the prevailing rate?
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                    Because it can provide a constant stream of work.


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                      A constant stream of work that pays far below what you are worth is not a good thing. Its like a four star chef flipping burgers full time at McDonalds. (probably not going to happen) You get what you pay for.

                      Its like the CEO's of America suddenly deciding to work for minimum wage. Of course given the track record of the last ten years thats all a lot of those bozo's are worth anyway.

                      My knowledge and labor is worth far more than what these cookie cutter box stores are willing to pay. In fact, if a person has had a full apprenticeship and 5 years experience as an apprentice he should be ashamed to accept what these places want to pay. And if I am a homeowner I want the person in charge of any work on my most important financial investment to be an experienced journeyman.

                      Many of the box store installers around here are the barflys, laggards and druggies the better contractors have dismissed and refused to hire again. There may be a few really good installers out there who are waiting for a break to get into the trades but they are not the rule. At least not around here. To the few good men who are stuck there I offer my condolences.

                      The disasters I have had to remedy due to some of these incompetent installers from box stores like Lowes, Home Depot and Sears are many. Some of the work has been so bad that I think the people should have gone to jail, particularly when it involves the elderly who are too embarrassed to go to the authorities.
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