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  • Bonehead Move Of The Century

    Saw this over at the WoodNet Forum. If you have an extra pencil or two please send them to:

    Mr Bob Nardeli, President & CEO
    The Home Depot
    2455 Paces Ferry Road NW
    Atlanta, GA 30339-4024
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.

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    This is funny, I remember when lumber yards gave pencils out for free all the time. The big box hardware store strikes again. I hope he returned all the wood then.

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      Read about that. To think, you used to get pencils, yardsticks, and nail aprons, for free from every building supply and hardware store on earth. Now you have to buy a gallon of paint to get"one" stir stick. And all these things have the companies name on them. We should all demand them to sell us these items without thier name on them or give them to us.
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        Nice move on the part of the BOB. Can you imagine how embarrassing that must have been for the customer. Damn lucky he doesn't press them with a law suit!

        The funny part of this to me is how difficult it is for Home Depot to get their act together with respect to anything.

        My wife and I just purchased some new cabinets, sinks, etc. for a couple of bathrooms we are having remodeled. When the contractor came to the store a couple of days later to pick up the items, nothing was available. Apparently they just mark the stuff on the floor as being sold and stuck our name on it and somebody came in and just picked it up and walked out.

        Our first reaction was what we might have to do to straighten the situation out, but were told not to worry, because it "happens all the time". We are now waiting for the new stuff to come in.

        So, maybe I should tell the store folks to just put their pencils on top of these "sold" items and that way security will be sure to catch the theives!!



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          I hope you don't have to pay for your new cabinets again (I figured you would make them yourself ).

          If my bank had the same policy as Home Depot I would have been arrested for bank robbery a half dozen times. I must get at least a half dozen pens a year from simply putting a cheap pen in my pocket instead of back on the counter. Its force of habit and nothing larcenous.

          Home depot should give out a pencil to all lumber customers who buy more than 40 or 50 bucks worth of lumber. They sell for 40 cents so probably cost the company a nickel. And the operators of that store should have realized how such a simple mistake can happen. I hope the manager of that place gets buzzed at an airport for something extremely humiliating. It would be a poetic justice.
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            My lumber yard still gives me pencils, I don't even have to ask. The sales rep comes out to the job site and gives me a handfull. Of course I build 4 houses annually.

            HomeDepot isn't a lumberyard. Maybe that't the difference. The lumberyard sells wholesale only, NO retail business. They're not in business to sell 50 studs. The deliver for no extra charge because it's built into their pricing structure, that's the business they're in

            HD is a home center. I spend a lot of $ there, but not on lumber. By the way, they've given me pencils on several occasions. Just hand me a handfull at the contractors counter. But then again they get $100,000 +/- from me each year.