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  • door window replacement

    I have several wooden exterior patio doors with full-length thermal windows which need replacement due to degredation of the seal, causing fogging within the window. I have the replacement glass units, but I am uncertain how to remove the old glass. I cannot determine by visual inspection whether the window trim is removed from inside or outside the door. I don't see any brads on either side of the door. Does anyone have specific knowledge as to how the removal and replacement should be done? Thanks.

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    I don't understand how you bought glass without removing the stops to measure. You must know the brand and model. If they are a mainstream brand such as Anderson you should be able to look at the detailed sections in the product literature. You might find them online or at the supplier who sold you the glass.


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      actually i know exactly how you measured as you are just trying to replace the glass in the existing wood frame. had to do the same thing on a few old windows here at my house myself until we got replacements.

      as long as you measured tip to tip on the putty holding the window in you should be ok. deduct 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch depending on temp, squaeness of the doors, etc etc.

      now you can do one of three things. cut it out with a utility knife and stiff scraper...but depending on how old the putty holding it in is, this could take some this is how i did my 1st one and it was a *****. the second thing you can do, is go out and buy a prazi, putty chaser. this is a tool that fits in your drill and is supposed to chip the putty away. dose a good job, and you will still have some scaper/knife work but it is much quicker. the downfall to the putty chaser is that it has a tendancy to break the glass. not a problem if your replacing it.

      when we got all new replacement windows i wanted to save some of the glass. the putty chaser kept breaking it (so old) and the knife and scraper was too much.

      this is where your third option is. using a propane torch heat the putty holding the glass in. you dont need to get it that hot, and the putty will just peel away with your scraper. the caution you have here is that you dont want to damage your wood. if it is painted.stained, you can always touch it up.

      each of these methods has its pros and cons.

      now if your measurement was a bit off (a little too big) nothing a router cant handle. if you are a little too small put some glazing compound in BEFORE setting the glass then glaze around it to hold it in. dont forget to pick up a plg of glazers points, and to get it right you will have to invest in a 7-10 dollar glazing tool to form the new glazing.

      good luck