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Miter Saw Utility Vehicle AC99400

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  • Miter Saw Utility Vehicle AC99400

    My dad is looking for a portable miter saw table/stand. I thought I would buy him one for Xmas. I saw the MSUV AC99400 @ HD, and was wandering what you guys think of it? Does anyone have this, or used one of these? Any info is greatly appreciated.


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    This is an excellent item especially as far as the portable table stands are concerned. It is the only stand that is actually portable having wheels. Also it is about $50 less where I live at least than the DeWalt which is not as mobile no wheels on it. Also if you compare it to the others you will see that it has a sturdy and wide base almost like a shelf to attach your miter saw compared to the others that do not have this wide base. Check them both out for yourself at your local HD and see the major differences.


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      Santa (my wife) just got me one for Christmas along with the 10" miter saw/nailer combo.

      It makes for an awesome unit. The MSUV sets up and collapses effortlessly and does move easily over various terrain. The price is also about right for the quality and what you get.

      Another cool thing, the miter saw required NO adjustment right out of the box. It was square with the fence and the table. Only the hairline pointer required adjustment (can't have everything!).
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