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8 " Dado Insert for TS2412

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  • 8 " Dado Insert for TS2412

    Up here in Canada I have not been able to find the AC1030 accessory (8" dado insert) in the accessories section of several HD locations. There seem to be only the 7" inserts. I have an 8" dado set and want to be able to use it on the TS2412. It's advertised on the website as available or is it perhaps not a regular stock item? If the AC1030 accessory is no longer available, are any other brands of 8" dado insert compatible with the table saw?
    Chris Berg

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    There are a couple of options here for you. First you can order the insert direct from Ridgid. Second, you can purchase a zero clearance insert that is designed for the Craftsman TS, or third you casn trace out the existing insert, rough cut it and then use the original as a template with a flush trim bit and make your own insert. Hope this helps
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      How tall (or deep) do you plan to make your dados? If the answer is an inch at the most then you probably can use the 7" insert with an 8" dado blade just don't raise it too far and check clearence before switching on. Hope this helps.


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        I boughts a 2424 back in January and went through the 8" throat plate myself. I finally bought a Freud 6" dado on and have had great success with it. I probably won't ever cut a dado deep enough to require an 8" if you already have the 7" insert you can use an 8" like Dave suggested or you can choose the 6" dado.

        Good luck,


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          The AC1030 is still available. If you cannot find it at your local HD, go to and you can order it directly for us.