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When was this old wrench made?

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  • When was this old wrench made?


    I've been going through some old tools I received, and found an old pipe wrench. I'm curious to know how old it is.

    It's made out of steel, and labeled "THE RIDGE TOOL COMPANY, ELYRIA OHIO, MADE IN THE U.S.A.".

    On the other side it says "IMPROVED STILLSON, PAT. NO. 2076890".

    It also has an 8 at the end you fit over the pipe, and an H1 on the handle. Nice little wrench, I just wiped it up with WD-40 and it's in great condition. I'd appreciate any ideas on it's age. Not to sell or collect or anything, it's going back in the tool box. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Try this link, and re-check your pat ##. The patent #'s can be run to find out when the patent was issued.
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      Thanks KM. That's the first thing I tried. For some reason, the patent is pics only on the website, and the pics are not displaying. So it's a dead end.


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        The first pipe wrench came out in 1923.


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          When I was going to school for the plumbing trade, my fater had given me a bunch of tools to get me started. To my suprise, all of the pipe wrenches were RIGID products, and so was the pipe threader. The wrenches range in size from 12-inch to a 36-inch monster. My father had told me that these belonged to my great-grandfather who was a plumber, passed down to my grandfather, who became a plumber, held onto by my father who is an ironworker, and finally in my hands. I had most of the tools appraised at an antique tool store in my area and was suprised to find out they were 60 years old for the wrenches and were worth thousands of dollars. I still have them and I use them regularly in my trade. They are good and reliable tools. That fact and the family history behind them means that they will stay in my family I long as they can.